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About Law To Fact

Law to Fact was created in November 2017 by  Professor Leslie Garfield Tenzer. Professor Tenzer is a professor (in case you haven't noticed), national lecturer, and podcaster. Her scholarship and teaching bridge the worlds of theory and practice - which is exactly what this podcast is here to do.

Prior to becoming a professor at Pace, Professor Tenzer was a legislative attorney in the Legal Division of the Council of the City of New York. She currently teaches and writes in the areas of Commercial Law (including Contracts and UCC Article 2), Criminal Law, Torts, and Social Media Law.


While she is out of the classroom, Professor Tenzer is busy creating podcast episodes for Law to Fact. 


She also  frequently works with recent law graduates, court administrators, judges, lawyers, educators, legislative and executive branch officials on projects to improve the communication and administration of justice. She previously served as the chair of the AALS Section on Academic Support. Professor Tenzer has received several awards during her tenure at Pace including the Ottinger Prize for Faculty Achievement, (2012-2013; 2003-2004); the Goettel Prize for Faculty Scholarship (2012)  and Professor of the Year (2014) (voted by the 2014 graduating class).

In 2019, Profesor Tenzer was named the James D. Hopkins Professor of Law at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. 


As for the podcast - 

Law to Fact is your place for all things law. Whether you're a current law student, preparing for the LSAT, or even studying for The Bar, this podcast is for you. Think of it as liberating you from the library. You're no longer chained to a desk by your outlines and text books. Law to Fact lets you walk, drive, cook dinner, or take a karate class - all while studying!

It's also your place to get advice from real students, professors, and industry professionals. Never interviewed for a law internship? We've got you covered. Want to know how to stand out in the application process? We help you with that, too.


Have someone you want Professor Tenzer to interview? Got an idea for the show? Please contact us at!

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